Mechanical Engineers Update Refrigerators – Part 1

Mechanical Engineers Save Lives

People think of medical doctors and nurses as the key providers of health care.  In fact, Mechanical Engineers have saved more lives than doctors.  Refrigeration keeps food from spoiling and prevents insect infestation.  A Century after the refrigerator supplanted the ice-box, new models now are part of home’s “smart” products.  Family Hub refrigerators allow owners to play music in their kitchen, leave digital notes for family members, check to see if they’re out of milk when they’re away from home, and even order groceries with just a voice command.   Smart refrigerators open a whole new world for getting content and services.  Hi-Tech options include touch-screen displays on the front of doors, there are one or more cameras inside, and Wi-Fi radios allow connection to the internet.  Soon refrigerators will run apps, and artificial intelligence will offer menu planning.  One company plans to offer a jumbo-sized, 29-inch, touch-screen LCD display.  Knocking on the displace twice will allow it to become transparent, affording you the ability to see inside without opening the door.

Engineers Will Play a Key Role in Future Home Appliances

Engineers have also designed interfaces to record memos and to-do lists, and a digital menu lets you add virtual stickers and tags to indicate what is stored inside and the expiration dates of those items.  Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant technology will be built in, allowing you prepare shopping lists and order items from Amazon’s Prime shopping service.

One Company’s Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators, which will come in 10 different sizes and styles, will have some new and updated features; you’ll be able to order groceries, check your calendar and get the time by talking to your fridge.

Mechanical Engineers Design A “Family Hub” Refrigerator

Learning and adapting from user’s habits, a Family Hub Refrigerator has been developed. It is a smart side-by-side fridge that comes equipped with a 21.5-inch touch screen display with Tizen OS.  With a huge 21-inch display, the refrigerator will be able to display various things ranging from notes, photos, and videos.  Music can be streamed to its in-built speaker, or it can be used as a TV.  To make it more relevant, Samsung has used three cameras on the door to take a picture of the items each time the door is closed.  Images on your smartphone can remotely check on your items when you visit a grocery store.  Health data from Gear Fit can recommend food that matches your activity levels.  

Are Refrigerators and Other Appliances Ready for Consumers?

The consumer electronics industry has been trying to sell slightly intelligent Internet-connected appliances that are controlled from your smart phone, but they are not mainstream.  Smart thermostats have been the most advanced and widely embraced new technology.  The adoption of smart ovens and refrigerators has been significantly slower.

This year, however, the Internet of Things (IoT) have gotten smarter, chattier, and cuter.  These products’ artificial intelligence, ease of use, improved voice recognition, and connectivity are finally mainstream. 

All of these IoT products are driving huge growth in the semiconductor industry.  Fab equipment sales are expected to gain strength in 2019.




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