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Engineers Help Save Endangered Species


What does it mean for a species to become extinct? It means that those plants or animal have completely died out, and no longer exist on Earth.

Engineers Help Save Endangered Species2019-08-05T12:47:34-07:00

Engineers Add New Updates to Medical Advances – 2019


Pharmacogenomic testing determines patients' genetic makeup to tailor prescribed medical treatments based on individual drug metabolism. Pharmacogenomic testing, for example, can determine how patients will respond to opioid therapy, potentially decreasing opioid abuse.

Engineers Add New Updates to Medical Advances – 20192019-07-30T10:30:46-07:00

Semiconductor Worldwide: Samsung Takes Over


Samsung topples Intel as top dog semiconductor market share  Gartner beancounters say price rises driven by memory shortages propelled Samsung into the lead based on semiconductor vendor revenue, vaulting past Intel and its CPUs. The largest memory supplier, Samsung Electronics, gained the most semiconductor market share and took the No. 1 position from Intel – the first time Intel has been toppled since 1992. Memory accounted for more than two-thirds of all semiconductor revenue growth in 2017, and became the largest semiconductor category.  DRAM prices rose 44 per cent from 2016 [...]

Semiconductor Worldwide: Samsung Takes Over2019-07-14T11:53:35-07:00

Energy Efficient Solutions for Everyday Energy Efficiency Problems


As energy efficient environmentally conscious engineers, we here at Glew Engineering do what we can to save energy and resources both around home and around the office.  This might mean choosing products that are more environmentally friendly or energy efficient.  It might mean using our surroundings to our advantage, like pulling cold air through a home or office at night so the building needs less air conditioning the next day.  The most satisfying thing, though, is to employ our knowledge of mechanical engineering, materials science and thermal management to design custom hand-tooled [...]

Energy Efficient Solutions for Everyday Energy Efficiency Problems2018-02-20T11:19:59-07:00

The Engineer’s Kitchen: Grilled Chipotle Chicken


The first blog in the series called The Engineer's Kitchen, we feature a grilled chipotle chicken recipe for healthy eating.

The Engineer’s Kitchen: Grilled Chipotle Chicken2018-03-28T11:52:22-07:00