Engineers Help Save Endangered Species


What does it mean for a species to become extinct? It means that those plants or animal have completely died out, and no longer exist on Earth.

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Engineers Develop Drones to Protect Elephants from Poachers


Herd of elephants bathing in the jungle river of Sri Lanka Drones have been used to ward off elephants from destroying crops because of their bee-like buzzing noise, they’re also being used to help the same animals from being hunted for their ivory in Africa. Since off-the-shelf UAVs can easily give pilots an aerial perspective, non-profit Mara Elephant Project (MEP) in Kenya started using drones to fight elephant poaching as far back as 2012.  How Have Drones Helped Curb Elephant Poaching? Drones are just one tool used by MEP Engineers, but they have [...]

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Engineers Trend 10 New Technologies for Airlines/ Airports for 2019


Engineers Develop new Technologies 2019 they are on the  rise for 2019. Here we highlight some of the hot topics that airports and airlines should keep an eye on in the year to come.

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Engineers Develop Top Trends in Vehicle Safety Features for 2019.


New-car buyers are faced with the prospect of their ride being equipped with a greater amount of safety technology than ever before.

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Engineers Add New Updates to Medical Advances – 2019


Pharmacogenomic testing determines patients' genetic makeup to tailor prescribed medical treatments based on individual drug metabolism. Pharmacogenomic testing, for example, can determine how patients will respond to opioid therapy, potentially decreasing opioid abuse.

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Engineers Develop Awesome Ways Drones Can Be Used


With their growing presence in the media, their potential is becoming recognized more and more. They can be used for reasons other than spying and warfare. People are now using drones in many awesome ways.

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Engineers Develop Personal Robots – New Age


Engineers Say Personal Robotics Will Become an Important New Category in Family Lives  I have the idea of a “sociable” robot—one that people can have relatively natural interactions with—has been the lore of science fiction for decades. From Lost in Space to Star Wars to WallE and beyond, interactive robotic machines have been the stuff of our creative imagination for some time. In 2019, however, I believe we will start to see more practical implementations of personal robotics devices from several major tech vendors. While several companies have tried, and failed to [...]

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Part 2: Self-driving Cars Expand the Fight Over Airwaves


Engineers Say Public is Hungry for More Wi-Fi Capacity, the telecom industry is looking to snatch control of underutilized airwaves reserved for the auto industry. But this is coming just as carmakers begin to make progress on developing and adopting technologies for connected and autonomous cars that currently rely on that spectrum. The Big Picture: Tech and telecom companies have been fighting for years over spectrum to support exploding demand for mobile services and smartphones. Automakers have had exclusive access to a band of spectrum for almost 20 years [...]

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Engineers Develop Ways to Ventilate Your Home


Why ventilate? For centuries homes weren’t ventilated, and they did all right, didn’t they? Why do we need to go to all this effort (and often considerable expense) to ventilate houses today?  Engineers have developed several reasons that ventilation is more important today than it was long ago. Most importantly, houses 100 years ago were leaky. Usually they didn’t have insulation in the walls, so fresh air could easily enter through all the gaps, cracks, and holes in the building envelope., the building materials used 100 years ago were mostly natural [...]

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Material Engineers : Pros and Cons of Solar Powered Cars


Figure 1.  Solar Powered Cars in the Future Although a solar power car may not be commercially viable right now, there are ways that solar power can be added to existing designs to make vehicles more efficient. Material Scientist examine the pros and cons of this technology, it can continue to move forward in development to help save on fossil fuels, and the electric grid and pollutions. Solar-powered vehicles (Solar Cells ) have zero emission level, as they don’t utilize non-renewable resources and burn fuel. The electric motors generate electricity (See Figure 1.) that [...]

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Electric Vehicle Batteries: Recycled


  Material Scientist Ponder What to Do With Used EV Batteries  As electric vehicles become mainstream, mechanical engineers and chemical engineers are trying to address the big environmental question: what do we do with the used lithium-ion batteries? The batteries used in electric cars are physically large, last 8 to 10 years, and will account for 90 per cent of the lithium-ion battery market by 2025.  This will increase lithium demand fourfold, and more than double the demand for cobalt — two of their essential elements.  The price of cobalt has [...]

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Semiconductor Worldwide: Samsung Takes Over


Samsung topples Intel as top dog semiconductor market share  Gartner beancounters say price rises driven by memory shortages propelled Samsung into the lead based on semiconductor vendor revenue, vaulting past Intel and its CPUs. The largest memory supplier, Samsung Electronics, gained the most semiconductor market share and took the No. 1 position from Intel – the first time Intel has been toppled since 1992. Memory accounted for more than two-thirds of all semiconductor revenue growth in 2017, and became the largest semiconductor category.  DRAM prices rose 44 per cent from 2016 [...]

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A Mechanical Engineer Designs Ways to Give Your Canine Friend a Lift Up: Dog Ramps


A Mechanical Engineer Designs Ways to Give Your Canine Friend a Lift Up  A Mechanical Engineer designs ways to give your "Best Friend" easy access to your vehicle and different higher surfaces. Read more to find out what kind of options are available for your dog.  A properly sized and installed dog ramp eases a dog's boarding dilemmas.  Ramps are divided into several categories: folding, telescoping, fixed, moveable and those that are stored under the back bumper of a car.  This article describes the different types of dog ramps available and the [...]

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Licensed Mechanical Engineers Help You Ditch Suburbia


Licensed Mechanical Engineers Help You Ditch Suburbia Licensed Mechanical Engineers Ensure Vehicle Safety and Comfort The recreational vehicle industry (Fig. 1) is flourishing.  People can use their RVs full time part, part time or travel the country for months at a time. A Licensed Mechanical Engineer (Licensed Mechanical Engineers Role in Manufacturing) makes certain that travel is safe and comfortable at the same time, without missing out on the comforts of home and your favorite kitchen. (Fig. 2)  Recreational vehicles' kitchens are designed with adequate ventilation to ensure that no fires [...]

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Wind Load Calculations and Modeling


 Part 1 of our Wind Load Series “Wind load” is a calculated value representing the total force on a structure or object cause by pressure from wind moving over it.  In this blog series, we will discuss different methods for wind load calculations, the factors that influence its magnitude, and the effects a high wind load can have on a structure.  Wind load is most commonly addressed by civil and structural engineers when designing buildings, but mechanical engineers can encounter the effect when designing tall objects like cranes, telescoping communications masts or [...]

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Layered Composite Heaters for Semiconductor Processing


Figure 1: Composite layered heater from patent  US 9,224,626 B2 Alexander Glew, Ph.D., P.E. recently contributed to a new patent on an advanced thin-film electric heaters, layered composite heaters, for CVD semiconductor processing and related technologies titled “Composite substrate for layered heaters”.  Watlow Electric, based in St. Louis, hired Glew Engineering and Dr. Glew to help develop this heater technology due to his experience in the Silicon Valley’s semiconductor industry.  As a semiconductor equipment expert and materials engineering consultant, Dr. Glew’s familiarity with semiconductor manufacturing meant he understood both the limitations of common [...]

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Italian Masters: Leonardo da Vinci – Artist, Engineer, Scientist


Figure 1: Leonardo da Vinci, by Francesco Melzi Over the course of this blog series, I have written about a number of Italian Masters of science and engineering, from astronomers like Galileo and Cassini to physicists like Torricelli and Venturi.  I’ve saved the best for last, however: Leonardo da Vinci.  He is the quintessential renaissance man who fits both our running definition of “Italian Master” as well as being included in the standard list of Masters with Rafael, Donatello and Michelangelo  Leonardo’s incredibly broad array of talents and interests have long been the subjects [...]

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Thermal Expansion in a Glass and Aluminum Window: Part 2


Figure 1: Simplified model of an aluminum-glass window   In last week’s blog, Thermal Expansion in a Glass and Aluminum Window: Part 1, we introduced the basic concept of thermal expansion in solid materials.  Since CTE mismatch can impose extremely high stress, during mechanical engineering design one must consider the temperature exposure and expansion or contraction of a material.  In order to help the read gain insight, we used a simplified aluminum-framed window to demonstrate that a hot summer day would be enough to shatter glass [...]

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Thermal Expansion in a Glass and Aluminum Window: Part 1


Equipment designers must accommodate thermal expansion (CTE)of dissimilar materials, especially when they are subject to large temperature changes.  This problem is often called "CTE mismatch."  In this blog, we give the fundamentals of thermal expansion calculations used in thermo-mechanical analysis. These calculations are simple but useful, and easy enough to perform by hand or with a spread sheet. For more complicated shapes, one must use computer modeling.  As an example, we perform a finite element analysis (FEA) in a later blog, of a glass and aluminum window [...]

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Italian Masters: Galileo’s Stellar Science and Engineering


Portrait of Galileo Galilei Justus Sustermans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons I’d like to return to our previous series on the Italian Masters, focused not on the usual masters or painting and sculpture but on the masters or science, mathematics, and engineering.  So far in the series I’ve written about the accomplishments of Volta, Cassini, Venturi and Torricelli.  Today, I’d like to look at one of the greats: Galileo Galilei.  Galileo is most famous today for standing up for heliocentrism against the Catholic Church and spending the last [...]

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