Mechanical Engineering Advances By Studying Razor Clams


Studying the possibilities of mechanical engineering advances through biomimicry, emphasizing the razor clam.

Mechanical Engineering Advances By Studying Razor Clams2018-03-15T10:09:10-07:00

Stress Analysis of Athletic Equipment: Helmets


Discussing the mechanical engineering that goes into the design of athletic helmets and the stress analysis used in testing.

Stress Analysis of Athletic Equipment: Helmets2018-03-16T13:04:07-07:00

Engineering Hurricanes: Flood Engineering


A discussion regarding how mechanical engineering is utilized in engineering for floods and what some engineering firms are developing.

Engineering Hurricanes: Flood Engineering2018-03-16T14:51:38-07:00

Engineering Difficulties : Hurricanes


Discussion regarding mechanical and electrical engineering as well as other disciplines and their impact regarding hurricanes

Engineering Difficulties : Hurricanes2018-03-19T10:41:03-07:00

Thermal Management: Heat Sink Materials


Discussion on materials used in heat sinks and their thermal management properties used by engineers in today's technology.

Thermal Management: Heat Sink Materials2018-03-19T11:10:23-07:00

Electronics Cooling Designs: Thermoelectric Plates


Thermoelectric Plates used for thermal management in electronics cooling is discussed from an engineering prospective.

Electronics Cooling Designs: Thermoelectric Plates2018-03-19T13:20:39-07:00

Electronics Cooling Designs: Heat Pipes


Discussion on electronics cooling and thermal management using heat pipes in conjunction with heat sinks.

Electronics Cooling Designs: Heat Pipes2018-03-19T15:33:58-07:00

Engineering Technology Semicon West 2012


An overview of the Semicon West 2012 expo discussing semiconductor technology, engineering and solar engineering.

Engineering Technology Semicon West 20122018-03-21T13:51:30-07:00

Engineering Tools in the 21st Century Part 4: CAD to CAM


CAD / CAM process and software within the mechanical engineering field is discussed.

Engineering Tools in the 21st Century Part 4: CAD to CAM2018-03-21T14:19:39-07:00

Metal Core Printed Circuit Board:Part 1


Printed Circuit Boards with metal cores developed by SinkPAD are discussed for the thermal management solutions the provide

Metal Core Printed Circuit Board:Part 12018-04-09T13:34:10-07:00

LED: Second Level Connection Challenges


LED lighting and second level connection challenges as they pertain to thermal management and optimizing the thermal path.

LED: Second Level Connection Challenges2018-03-22T10:30:07-07:00

EDA Methodology: EDA Script to Change Library


EDA as a skill procedure to change the Library References in schematic, useful EDA methodology for an ASIC design engineer or IC designer.

EDA Methodology: EDA Script to Change Library2018-03-22T11:22:49-07:00

Semiconductor Plasma Processing


Glew Engineering have experts in plasma CVD and plasma etch semiconductor processing.

Semiconductor Plasma Processing2018-03-22T14:20:08-07:00