Flat Panel and LCD Screens: Part 1

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Figure 1: Powered LCD screen of a Sony Ericsson S500i at 200x magnification. Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are omnipresent in our technologically saturated lives.  Having largely displaced the older CRT screens, LCDs make up a large portion of the digital imaging we see all around us.  They are present in everything from our ubiquitous smartphones and computer screens to digital billboards, wristwatches and vehicle and aircraft instrumentation.  How do flat panel LCD screens work? One can often find videos and articles documenting eager teardowns of new devices, but few delve beyond the hardware and into the materials and design behind [...]

Italian Masters: Volta Jump-Starts Electrical Engineering

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Figure 1: Allesandro Volta We’ve been taking a break from hard-hitting mechanical engineering and materials science blogs with some pieces on the Italian masters of science, mathematics and engineering in the 16-19th centuries.  I’ve previously explored the lives and contributions of Evangelista Torricelli, Giovanni Venturi and Giovanni Cassini.  For this blog, I’m focusing on Alessandro Volta, who helped revolutionize our understanding of electricity and electrochemstry it in the late 18th century.  […]

12 Years a Martian: Engineering Challenges on the Red Planet

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Figure 1: Mars Exploration Rover By NASA/JPL/Cornell University, Maas Digital LLC [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Depending on which Facebook pages or Twitter feeds you follow, some of you may have caught wind that Opportunity (Mars Exploration Rover B, Figure 1) recently passed its twelfth anniversary of its landing on the red planet.  Opportunity’s ongoing trek across Mars represents a fantastic accomplishment in engineering.  At the time I’m writing this, the rover has been in continual operation for over 4,300 Earth days (that’s about 4,185 Sols, or Martian days).  Considering its original planned mission time of [...]

High-Purity Gas Panels Part 10: Pressure Transducers in Semiconductor Equipment

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An article on pressure transducers used in semiconductor fabs and semiconductor equipment.

Engineering Consulting Firms and Hollywood Share a Common Bond

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Consulting engineers and Hollywood share a common bond in breathing new life into projects.

IEEE 2014 Medal of Honor Recipient Comes from the Field of Power Semiconductors

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2014 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient comes from the field of power semiconductors.

Series on Semiconductor Processing and ICs, Part 14: Inventions that Lead to the Modern Integrated Circuit

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A brief review of crucial semiconductor industry inventions that lead to current integrated circuits.

UC Riverside Engineering Team Uses Silly Putty to Improve Batteries

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UC Riverside engineering team uses silicon dioxide found in Silly Putty to improve lithium-ion batteries.

Biomimicry Advances Create e-Whiskers that Allow Robots to Feel

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As nanotechnology, or the building of machines at the molecule scale, and biomimicry has progressed and advanced, electronic skin and even electronic

The Agile Hybrid Product Development Process

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Project management and the product development process is in transition due to the popularity of the Agile Project Management methodology.

Electrical Engineers Bring Christmas Lights to the Masses

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Electrical engineers, Thomas Edison and Edward Johnson, designed a string of electrical lights that developed into modern day Christmas lights.

Advances in Engineering with the Piezoelectric Effect

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The piezoelectric effect converts mechanical stresses into electric current and can lead to advances in electrical engineering.