Our expertise in semiconductor processing, thin films, IC device tear-downs, LED, OLED, solar and other high technologies common in the Silicon Valley enables us to help you design and analyze capital equipment. Due to our experience, we work with most processes, such as CVD, PVD, etching, CMP, RTP, and many others.

We have the skills, and the latest technology to help design and analyze your products. You can quickly extend your team’s capabilities with us. Our lastest versions of CAD and simulation packages, including Solidworks™, CREO™, Inventor™ and Fusion™,  Autodesk Nastran™ keep you current.

For decades we have provided consulting support and expert testimony in complex high technology litigation.  We routinely support patent litigation, trade secrets, economic espionage, large-scale disasters, and subrogation cases in venues such as District Court, ITC, PTO, and International Arbitration.


Engineers Develop Drones to Protecting Elephants from Poachers

Herd of elephants bathing in the jungle river of Sri Lanka Drones have been used to ward off elephants from destroying crops because of their bee-like buzzing noise. At the same time, Drones are being used to help the same animals from being hunted for their ivory in Africa. Off-the-shelf UAVs can easily give pilots an aerial perspective. Non-profit Mara Elephant Project (MEP) in Kenya started using drones to fight elephant poaching , back in [...]