The Power of Computer-Aided Design

The Power of Computer-Aided Design

Harnessing available technology to aid your engineering efforts can save you a great deal of time and money. Computer-aided design (CAD) makes conception, testing, troubleshooting and creating complex systems far more efficient and cost-effective compared to manual methods.

CADTwo-dimensional CAD allows you to drastically reduce your time investment drafting the design, facilitating the quick identification and correction of errors and permitting the reuse of locked design elements. You also gain the ability to share developing projects with other members of your organization instantly through email.

If you have three-dimensional needs, CAD tools offer powerful and efficient solutions. 3D CAD tools facilitate the design of highly complex systems and use parametric modeling technologies to quickly and efficiently evaluate multiple design configurations and alternatives. Using finite element analysis features, you can optimize existing designs in the virtual realm, and 3D CAD designs are compatible with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, if you use it. This saves you even more time and reduces the possibility of error.

Further 3D CAD models facilitate finite element analysis (FEA) of your design.  Stress, fluid flow, and heat transfer can be analyzed by FEA, but it usually starts with a CAD model.  Then, you can use the insights that FEA modeling brings, before cutting metal, molding, soldering, welding, and all of the time and expense that goes along with your first prototype.

In short, CAD makes a strong impact on your bottom line, helping you save untold amounts of time and money on the design phases of your engineering projects. An investment in CAD is an investment in efficiency. Hoping to hire a CAD expert for your electrical, mechanical or materials engineering project? Call the experts at Glew Engineering today to arrange a consultation with industry-leading professionals committed to providing personalized service and unrivaled CAD expertise.


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