Energy Efficient Solutions for Everyday Energy Efficiency Problems

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As energy efficient environmentally conscious engineers, we here at Glew Engineering do what we can to save energy and resources both around home and around the office.  This might mean choosing products that are more environmentally friendly or energy efficient.  It might mean using our surroundings to our advantage, like pulling cold air through a home or office at night so the building needs less air conditioning the next day.  The most satisfying thing, though, is to employ our knowledge of mechanical engineering, materials science and thermal management to design custom hand-tooled solutions.  In the next few blog posts, I'll [...]

Layered Composite Heaters for Semiconductor Processing

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Figure 1: Composite layered heater from patent  US 9,224,626 B2 Alexander Glew, Ph.D., P.E. recently contributed to a new patent on an advanced thin-film electric heaters, layered composite heaters, for CVD semiconductor processing and related technologies titled “Composite substrate for layered heaters”.  Watlow Electric, based in St. Louis, hired Glew Engineering and Dr. Glew to help develop this heater technology due to his experience in the Silicon Valley’s semiconductor industry.  As a semiconductor equipment expert and materials engineering consultant, Dr. Glew’s familiarity with semiconductor manufacturing meant he understood both the limitations of common semiconductor chuck heating methods and the techniques that [...]

Series on Semiconductor Processing and Integrated Circuits, Part 1: Wire Bonding vs Chip Bonding

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Semiconductor packaging, one of the final phases of semiconductor processing, is explored.

2014 IEEE CPMT Winner, Expert in Thermal Management and Heat Transfer

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Professor Avram Bar-Cohen, 2014 IEEE CPMT Field Award Winner, is leader in heat sink, heat transfer, and thermal management.

Eco Friendly Engineering Materials & Designs: Roofing

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Engineering designs and materials for roofing that work like a heat sink and help with the thermal management within a structure.

Thermal Properties and Benefits of Polyethylene (PEX) Piping

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A discussion on the thermal properties and engineering advances in the use of PEX pipe for thermal management in plumbing applications.

Thermal Analysis of Espresso Cup Materials (Part 1)

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Thermal Analysis of Espresso Cup Materials In our blog this week focuses on espresso coffee and the material of the cup in which it is served. The three standard materials that will be tested are paper, Styrofoam and ceramic. Paper cups are designed for cold drinks, so it is likely that they will result in the lowest amount of thermal energy retention in the espresso coffee. Styrofoam cups are designed as a cheaper and single-use alternative to standard ceramic coffee cups. Since they have the ability to handle a large range of temperatures, they will be able to manage [...]

Thermal Management Engineering Designs: Semiconductor Chuck Heaters

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Discussing the engineering constraints, thermal management, and design ideas for chuck heaters used within the semiconductor process.