Flat Panel and LCD Screens, Part 2

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Figure 1: Unpowered Sony Ericsson S500i LCD screen at 200x magnification In our last blog post, I wrote about some of the physics and materials science principles that go into the design and manufacture of liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens.  The eponymous liquid crystals (LCs) in such a display have to be quite small in order to create a seamless image; as I mentioned in the last entry, the subpixels (the red, green and blue elements comprising a pixel, visible in Figure 1) can be smaller than a red blood cell.  Each of these subpixels needs its own [...]

Materials Science News: 2-D Phophorus Used to Make Tiny 2-D Drumheads

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A close look at how 2-D phosphorus is being used in 2-Dimensional drumhead resonators, and what this means for future electronic devices.

Series on Semiconductor Processing and Integrated Circuits, Part 1: Wire Bonding vs Chip Bonding

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Semiconductor packaging, one of the final phases of semiconductor processing, is explored.