Wind Load Calculations and Modeling

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 Part 1 of our Wind Load Series “Wind load” is a calculated value representing the total force on a structure or object cause by pressure from wind moving over it.  In this blog series, we will discuss different methods for wind load calculations, the factors that influence its magnitude, and the effects a high wind load can have on a structure.  Wind load is most commonly addressed by civil and structural engineers when designing buildings, but mechanical engineers can encounter the effect when designing tall objects like cranes, telescoping communications masts or wind turbine towers. Wind Load Essentials As a force, [...]

The Agile Hybrid Product Development Process

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Project management and the product development process is in transition due to the popularity of the Agile Project Management methodology.

LED Lighting: Part 2, First Level Connection Challenges in LEDs

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In first level connections, mechanical engineers’ main responsibility is connecting a chip to an intermediate package, also known as a substrate.

Finite Element Analysis: Weight Optimization for Optical Systems

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Optomechanical engineers use flexures to design optical systems to absorb thermal, stress, shock loads and weight issues.

LED Lighting: “Daylight, Now in a Headlight”

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LED lighting used in Audi’s Superbowl commercial showcased their headlights. Mechanical engineers address LED engineering issues, thermal management.