Italian Masters: Volta Jump-Starts Electrical Engineering

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Figure 1: Allesandro Volta We’ve been taking a break from hard-hitting mechanical engineering and materials science blogs with some pieces on the Italian masters of science, mathematics and engineering in the 16-19th centuries.  I’ve previously explored the lives and contributions of Evangelista Torricelli, Giovanni Venturi and Giovanni Cassini.  For this blog, I’m focusing on Alessandro Volta, who helped revolutionize our understanding of electricity and electrochemstry it in the late 18th century.  […]

New Class of Electronic Devices Could Come From 2-D Transistors

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Thin-film transistors and field emission transistors made from 2-D materials could lead to a new class of electronic devices.

IEEE 2014 Medal of Honor Recipient Comes from the Field of Power Semiconductors

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2014 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient comes from the field of power semiconductors.

Biomimicry Advances Create e-Whiskers that Allow Robots to Feel

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As nanotechnology, or the building of machines at the molecule scale, and biomimicry has progressed and advanced, electronic skin and even electronic

Advances in Engineering with the Piezoelectric Effect

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The piezoelectric effect converts mechanical stresses into electric current and can lead to advances in electrical engineering.

IC Thermal Management: Electronic systems reliability & power cycling

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Thermal Management as it relates to electronics reliability due to power cycling and its place in semiconductor reliability.

Working with Glew’s Industry-Leading Engineering Consulting Team

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To inquire about rates or request detailed specifics of CAD, FEA or other engineering consulting services, contact Glew Engineering.

Introduction to IC Thermal Management and heat transfer

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IC thermal management introduction. This relates to the heat transfer problems encountered by an electrical engineer in semiconductor design.