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Engineering Consulting Experts


CAD Experts

At Glew Engineering Consulting, our team has expertise in computer aided design (CAD), electronic design automation (EDA), and finite element analysis (FEA) modeling.  Our FEA capability includes elite abilities in stress analysis, radiation, and multiphysics modeling.  We mainly use, but are not limited to, Solidworks™ and Autodesk Inventor™ and AutoCad™.

Finite Element Analysis Experts

Our mechanical engineers utilize finite element anaysis, FEA, extensively to help develop new designs and solve engineering problems.  We mainly use Autodesk Simulation Multiphysics™, formerly known as as Algor™.  We can perform stress analysis, strain analysis, DDAM, mechanical event simulation (MES), heat transfer, transient heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation, as well as computational fluid dynamics.

EDA Experts

Our electrical engineers utilize electronic design automation, EDA, to help develop new designs and solve engineering problems.  Please see our blogs with EDA scripts that you can download at GLEW’S NEWS BLOG.

Semiconductor Technology

Among our specialties are Semiconductor technology, process tools and chambers, and hold extensive knowledge in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of these machineries. Requiring extreme conditions, high precision, and advanced materials, semiconductor process chambers must be built to specifications sufficient to function safely for the people working around the chamber, as well as for the protection of the equipment itself.