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Engineers Forge a New Frontier for Solar: Utility Build-Transfer Agreements

Historically, electric utilities in the U.S. have been buyers and sellers, but not producers, of solar energy. Largely due to tax and accounting constraints, vertically integrated, regulated utilities traditionally have entered power purchase agreements (PPAs) [...]

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Part 1 : Engineers Give Pros and Cons of Double and Triple Pane Windows

Have you decided to invest in replacement windows? What made you finally decide to take the leap? Was it the incredible energy saving benefits new windows offer? If so, you’re not alone. For a typical [...]

Part 2: Self-driving Cars Expand the Fight Over Airwaves

Engineers Say Public is Hungry for More Wi-Fi Capacity, the telecom industry is looking to snatch control of underutilized airwaves reserved for the auto industry. But this is coming just as [...]

Part 1: Mechanical Engineers Say Driverless Cars are the “New Talk of the Town”

Major giants inside the automobile industry have already show cased few of their self-driving car technology and many car companies aim to roll out production vehicles with driverless capabilities by 2020. In just a [...]

Part 2 – Mechanical Engineers Recommend 7 Features on ‘New Age” Refrigerators

Mechanical Engineers Update Tomorrow’s Refrigerator: Here are Your Choices  Black Board Models  Black board models are ideal for young families. Shopping list, school timetable and forthcoming doctors' appointments – all readily visible because they [...]

Mechanical Engineers Say Proper Ventilation is Crucial for Your Small Business

Engineers Explain How Good Ventilation Helps Your Business We’ll start with a fact that often startles people: (indoor air quality is a major health threat in the country).  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection [...]

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