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Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Cars

Up and Coming Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Automotive Use If you haven’t heard about hydrogen and fuel cells before, then now is your chance. These technologies are bursting on to the scene and can [...]

Semiconductor Industry Growth Continues

  Worldwide semiconductor revenue hit and all-time-record of $120.8B in Q2 2018, which represents an almost 4.5% quarter over quarter growth. More Integrated Circuits are being put into traditional products, such as enterprise data [...]

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Six Innovative Wind Turbines

In this article we will review a few new wind turbine designs that are ready to advance the state of wind energy technology.  With refined technology, engineers have developed new devices that are more [...]

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Material Engineers Looking to Future: Solar Assisted Electric Vehicles  (SAEVs)

Material Engineers : A Pipedream?  Solar-powered cars have been thought of by many as an impossible pipedream. But the innovators behind, a fully solar-powered vehicle to be released in 2019.  GOING FULLY SOLAR A [...]

Engineers Test “CHP” – Combined Heat and Power

Figure 1. Self Sufficient Home with Combined Heat and Power Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Engineers combined heat and power (CHP) systems, also known as cogeneration, generate electricity and useful thermal energy in [...]

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