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Engineers Develop New Gadgets in 2019

Gadgets can certainly make your life much easier. Remind you to be  on time, space saving, time saving.  Every Engineers come up with new and inventive ideas for everyones live style.  

Part 3 Engineers Develop Exoskeleton for Babies and Children

Infants with conditions such as CP lack the muscle strength, postural control, and motor coordination necessary for these early exploratory limb and trunk movements to result in locomotion.

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Engineers Help with Hurricane Flood Issues and New Technology Advances

New technology in Hurricane Flood/Wind Issues are helping with predicting the severity and where exactly they will hit.

Engineers Develop Exoskeleton, Paralyzed Can Walk.

Still pricier than motorized wheelchairs, exoskeleton weighs just 27 pounds and is custom-fit to the user’s body.

Engineers Develop “Iron Man” Suits – Coming to Factory Floors

Full-body exoskeletons will give workers super strength. What’s the most important things for people to know about the full-body exoskeleton, which can turn an assembly-line worker into a superhero?   Engineers have been working on this wearable [...]

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Part 2: Business Engineers : 7 Things to Consider, Before Investing in a Personal Robot

So you’ve made the decision, robotics process automation (RPA) is for your business. You’ve winnowed down a list of suitable vendors and are ready to start some serious shopping. Great. But before you plunge right [...]