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Fig. 1 Litigation Support

Glew Engineering Expert Witness Profile

Glew Engineering is located in Silicon Valley, California

Alexander Glew, Ph.D., P.E. established Glew Engineering Consulting 20 years ago. Since then, it has successfully served clients world-wide with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and materials science engineering expertise.  Dr. Glew has provided testimony multiple times for Intellectual Property (IP) litigation matters, International Trade Commission (ITC) cases, and International arbitration.  (Fig1.)  There are also several independent experts working with Glew Engineering to provide litigation support, many of them graduates from nearby Stanford University and The University of California at Berkeley. 

Glew’s location is ideally located in Mountain View, California, within close proximity to other Silicon Valley cities such as San Jose, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Redwood City, and San Francisco.  The private, stand-alone building offers privacy, conference rooms, printers, secure internet access, and complimentary offices for visiting clients.

Well Curated Technical Library and Literature Searching

After decades in business and successful careers, Glew Engineering has procured an excellent technical book and handbook selection. (Fig. 2) It is vital when performing prior art research projects that books discussing mainstream technology at the time of publication are available.  Using secure databases, staff engineers can perform literature searches with ease and competence in the field of semiconductor processing, semiconductor equipment, and mechanical engineering.


Technical Research Books and laptop computer

Fig. 2

On-site Optical, Electrical, and Mechanical Testing

Microscopes, visible and near infrared (VIS/IR) spectrometers, and other laboratory equipment, such as ovens and temperature control systems, are available on site for cost effective chip tear downs, reverse engineering, and real time data analysis.  (Fig. 3)

Reverse Engineering of micro computer chip

Fig. 3

Dr. Alex Glew is a Licensed Mechanical Engineer and Materials Scientist

Dr. Glew’s expertise is a unique combination of a licensed mechanical engineer and a materials scientist.  He has worked on projects for heavy equipment, such as Caterpillar and Disney Studios; multiple semiconductor equipment tools including Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), plasma etchers and wet etchers, and thermal processors; and semiconductor processing for microprocessors and memory computer chips.


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