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We have achieved an A+ rating from our clients through an independent third party rating.

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Clients and Field of Consultation

Below is a partial list of clients and brief description of the subject matter for which Glew Engineering has consulted. This list is meant to be representative and not exhaustive.

Advanced Energy Industries – Torroidal Plasma.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – Semiconductor processing, barrier layers.

Advanced Thermal Sciences/BE Aeropsace – Heat exchangers using direct exchange.

Air Products – TEOS delivery systems.

Alcatel – Subject matter expertise in low-k dielectrics and stress in IC.

American Insurance Underwriters (AIU) – Fab fire and destruction.

Amkor – Chip packaging technology.

ASM International – Atomic layer deposition.

ATMI – Gas Regulators inside gas cylinders for vacuum delivery.

Barrick Mines – Heavy equipment test components.

BioRad – Materials

Brooks Instrument – Market direction of semiconductor segment.

Carbontech International – Thin film IR heaters.

Caterpillar – Earth moving equipment.

Champion Telecom –  Cell Towers on Wheels.

Chemithon – FEA and CFD of counterflow heat exchanger.

Cymer – Excimer Lasers reliability.

DuPont – Fluid Delivery System.

Emerson Process – Market analysis for a pressure product.

Entegris – High Purity Filters.

Epicrew – Finite element modeling of high temperature chamber.

Ham-let – Gas and vacuum fittings.

Hyundai Electronics Industries – Semiconductor processing.

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) – Semiconductor processing, Tungsten.

Intrimed – Medical device consulting.

HTC – Phone display technology.

LAM Research – Materials for process chambers.

LeBar Technology – Gas Delivery System Design.

Legion Industries  – Industrial kitchen equipment and heaters.

Life Sciences – Centrifuge technology and design.

Limited Brands – Consumer products design and design review.

Malema Sensors – Review of photo resist system.

Millipore – Flow and pressure metrology, project turnaround.

Mitsubishi Silicon America – Review of equipment breach of contract.

Nissan –  Advanced materials and coataings for engines.

Novellus –  Subject matter expertise in chamber seals.

Qimonda – IC Design.

Steag Electronics System – Material compatibility study for steam.

Taiwan Glass – CVD coatings for Low-E glass and Solar Glass

Tokyo Electron (TEL) – Subject matter expertise in vapor etching equipment.

Travelers Insurance – Acid leak in Fab.

Unicor – Structural analysis by FEA of automotive lifts.

United States Air Force –  Thin films and semiconductor equipment design and safety.

United States Department of Justice, Anti-trust Division – Industry Expert in Semiconductor.

V-Moda – FEA of stress in iPod headset electrical connections (consumer electronics).

Watlow – Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Engineering

Zoll  – Medical device consulting.

Zond – Plasma power and systems.

3M   – Plasma Fluorination of polymer webs.