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Safety has to be a mechanical engineer’s primary concern, both for the sake of expensive equipment and the priceless lives of those who use it.

Wind Load CFD Modeling

Figure 1: Wind load calculation example structures Welcome back to our blog series on the phenomenon called wind load and how it affects civil and mechanical engineers.  Wind load is the force that blowing wind exerts on any device or structure that extends above ground level.  After an initial introduction to the factors that [...]

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Semiconductor Safety: Pyrophoric Gases

We have written about pyrophoric materials in a number of Glew Engineering’s previous blogs on safety in semiconductor fabrication, but have yet to cover how to define it or its danger.  At its simplest, a pyrophoric substance is any substance that spontaneously ignites in room temperature air.  As one might imagine, spontaneous combustion on contact with the regular atmosphere we [...]

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