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Thermal Expansion in a Glass and Aluminum Window: Part 2

Figure 1: Simplified model of an aluminum-glass window In last week’s last blog, we explored the causes and effects of thermal expansion in solid materials.  The expansion and contraction of a material based with temperature must be considered in mechanical engineering design projects, since it can impose high and potentially-damaging internal stresses.  We used a simplified aluminum-framed window to demonstrate [...]

Italian Masters: Girolamo Cardano, the Gambler Mathematician

Figure 1: Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576) Welcome back to our series on Italian Masters of math and science.  Last week I wrote about Galileo’s extensive accomplishments both in the field of astronomy and beyond.  This week, I’ll take a look at another renaissance polymath who dabbled in astronomy, along with his work in mathematics, medicine, biology, [...]

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Thermal Expansion in a Glass and Aluminum Window: Part 1

Figure 1: Cracked Glass By Andrew Chan [ Content License] Thermal expansion of dissimilar materials is a challenge in designing equipment and structures that are subject to large temperature changes.  This is often called "CTE mismatch." CTE is the acronym for coefficient of thermal expansion.  In this blog, we give the fundamentals of thermal expansion calculations used in thermo-mechanical analysis. [...]

Italian Masters: Galileo’s Stellar Science and Engineering

Portrait of Galileo Galilei Justus Sustermans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons I’d like to return to our previous series on the Italian Masters, focused not on the usual masters or painting and sculpture but on the masters or science, mathematics, and engineering.  So far in the series I’ve written about the accomplishments of Volta, Cassini, [...]

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12 Years a Martian: Mechanical Engineering on the Red Planet

Figure 1: Mars Exploration Rover mobility testing By NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons I’ve been writing a short blog series celebrating Mars Exploration Rover B (MER-B) Opportunity’s 12th anniversary of its landing on Mars.  Opportunity has exceeded its original three-month design lifetime by 48 times, and is still operating every day.  In previously entries [...]

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Semiconductor Safety: Pyrophoric Gases

We have written about pyrophoric materials in a number of Glew Engineering’s previous blogs on safety in semiconductor fabrication, but have yet to cover how to define it or its danger.  At its simplest, a pyrophoric substance is any substance that spontaneously ignites in room temperature air.  As one might imagine, spontaneous combustion on contact with the regular atmosphere we [...]

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12 Years a Martian: Materials Science on the Red Planet

Figure 1: Diagram of the scientific equipment on MER-B Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover Launches Press Kit, June 2003, p. 41 [i] I mentioned in a blog last week that Mars Exploration Rover B (FIgure 1), more affectionately called Opportunity, recently celebrated the 12th anniversary (in Earth years) of its landing on Mars.  12 years without maintenance on [...]

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FEA Consulting Part 6: Analyzing Results

Figure 1: Shear stress results for our concrete slab simulation.  The red area of high compression is where the corner of the square-shaped supporting column holds up the slab. © Glew Engineering Consulting, 2016 Welcome to the final entry in our finite element analysis (FEA) blog series, in which I'll discuss a little about analyzing [...]

12 Years a Martian: Engineering Challenges on the Red Planet

Figure 1: Mars Exploration Rover By NASA/JPL/Cornell University, Maas Digital LLC [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Depending on which Facebook pages or Twitter feeds you follow, some of you may have caught wind that Opportunity (Mars Exploration Rover B, Figure 1) recently passed its twelfth anniversary of its landing on the red planet.  Opportunity’s ongoing [...]