Glew Engineering Expert Witness Profile

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Fig. 1 Litigation Support Glew Engineering Expert Witness Profile Glew Engineering is located in Silicon Valley, California Alexander Glew, Ph.D., P.E. established Glew Engineering Consulting 20 years ago. Since then, it has successfully served clients world-wide with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and materials science engineering expertise.  Dr. Glew has provided testimony multiple times for Intellectual Property (IP) litigation matters, International Trade Commission (ITC) cases, and International arbitration.  (Fig1.)  There are also several independent experts working with Glew Engineering to provide litigation support, many of them graduates from nearby Stanford University and The University of California at Berkeley.  Glew’s [...]

Licensed Mechanical Engineers Create Animal Prosthetics

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Fig. 1 Licensed Mechanical Engineers Create Animal Prosthetics Animal Prosthetics are Designed by Licensed Mechanical Engineers Animal Prosthetics are a widely varying field with many different interfaces.  Licensed Mechanical Engineers add immense insight into material selections, gearing, wear, and vibration response. An actuated prothetic (i.e., one of the springy lower leg prosthetics) needs specific licensed mechanical engineering analysis of control characteristics. Legs, beaks, fins, and tails - a sampling of the lost or damaged anatomy that veterinarians have successfully replaced with artificial gadgets - represent the latest crossover fashion of human medicine to veterinary medicine.  From [...]

Licensed Mechanical Engineers Design Zoo Habitats

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Licensed Mechanical Engineers Design Zoo Habitats Licensed Mechanical Engineers with Innovative Ideas Licensed Mechanical Engineers design habitats for Zoo Animals (see: Licensed Mechanical Engineers) accommodating all animals large and small.  Zoo care is a booming industry since the past decade.   Mechanical Engineers with innovative ideas can create sanctuaries for wildlife conservation.  Architects design the Facility Aesthetics of the Zoo.  Engineers keep the animals and public safe, and design technical aspects of the zoo enclosures.  Licensed Mechanical Engineers build habitats for animals using the most updated technical information available. Engineers ensure that the animal is content and cannot escape from its [...]

Licensed Mechanical Engineer Supports Restaurants with Ventilation Exemption Letters

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Licensed Mechanical Engineer Supports Restaurants with Ventilation Exemption Letters Engaging a Licensed Mechanical Engineer Facilitates Ventilation Exemption Approvals The Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health, Consumer Protection Division, published a guideline, “Food Facility Plan Requirements”, to assist new (or remodeld) restaurant business owners meet the California Retail Food Code (CalCode).  The document facilitates obtaining a California Health and Safety Certificate; it does not discuss local planning and zoning requirements, or local fire safety requirements, etc.  See the internet address for further information.  Section 4.P. dictates ventilation standards; most cooking equipment needs hoods and ducts.  However, for smaller [...]

Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm Solves Truck Axle Failure

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Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm Solves an Axle Failure Attorney Requested Mechanical Engineering Consulting and Litigation Support Glew Engineering provides mechanical engineering consulting to high technology and industry.  As is often the case, an attorney asked us to provide an independent 3rd party review of the cause of repeated torsion axle failures on a semi-truck trailer that his client experienced.  We obtained the failure information and photographs from the client and researched the trailer and its axle configuration.  As mechanical design experts, we formulated an unbiased opinion on why the trailer’s axles failed multiple times despite being under the rated loads. [...]

Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm Evaluates 3D Software Using Motorcycle Frame – Part 1

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Fig. 1 A street bike shown in CAD mesh. Mechanical Engineering Consulting Group Evaluates 3D CAD Programs Mechanical Engineering Consulting Testing of Creo™, Solidworks™, and Inventor™ Mechanical Engineering Consulting service companies largely use one of three 3D CAD programs: Creo™, Solidworks™, and Inventor™.  At Glew Engineering, we have licensed seats of all three CAD mechanical design packages.  We reviewed the CAD workflow and feature sets of each 3D CAD program using motorcycle frame design as an example.  Also, we showed that some of the specialized commands of each 3D CAD software programs are better suited for specific tasks. Our engineers [...]

FEA Consulting Part 3: Meshing and Boundary Conditions

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Figure 1: Closeup, exploded view of our concrete slab mesh © Glew Engineering Consulting, 2016 We'll continue on now with our blog series on finite element analysis (FEA).  After discussing how to best set up a computer-aided design (CAD) model for FEA simulation, in this blog I'll cover the next step: meshing the model and applying boundary conditions.  "Meshing" is the process by which the CAD model is separated into discrete finite elements; it can be done in the same program that runs the FEA numerical simulation later, or it might be performed in a standalone program, depending on [...]

Italian Masters: Venturi and the Venturi Effect

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Figure 1: Giovanni Battista Venturi [i] Glew's News is doing a short series highlighting the lives and accomplishments of the Italian Masters of science, engineering, and mathematics.  In the last blog, I wrote about Evangelista Torricelli, a mathematician and physicist from the 17th century.  In this blog, I'm focusing on Giovanni Venturi (Figure 1), an accomplished physicist, hydrodynamicist and engineer. Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746-1822) Giovanni Venturi was born to a wealthy family in Reggio, Italy in 1746.  A talented young student, by the age of 23 the local seminary had already ordained him as a priest and professor.  [...]

FEA Consulting Part 2: CAD Model Preparation

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Figure 1: Reinforced concrete mesh © Glew Engineering Consulting Welcome back to our blog series on FEA.  In the last blog entry, we introduced some of the fundamental concepts in finite element analysis (FEA).  This entry in the blog series focuses on the initial steps in preparing a computer-aided design (CAD) model ready for use in an FEA program.  Since FEA programs are very sensitive to the data they have to work with, it's important that the CAD models being analyzed are compatible with the analysis methods the FEA program uses. In order to illustrate my points throughout the blog series, I will introduce a recent [...]

FEA Consulting Part 1: Introduction

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Figure 1: FEA mesh and shear stress results for a reinforced concrete slab © Glew Engineering Consulting, 2016 Finite Element Analysis Consulting (FEA) In this series of blogs on FEA, we will first cover some basic elements common to many FEA projects, and then in subsequent blogs in this series, illustrate those methods through examples. One of the services that Glew Engineering Consulting provides is finite element analysis consulting (FEA).  FEA consulting has been a great boon to the engineering profession, allowing mechanical engineers and civil engineers to accurately model the stress and strain behavior of complicated parts and assemblies prior to building physical [...]

High-Purity Gas Panels Part 10: Pressure Transducers in Semiconductor Equipment

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An article on pressure transducers used in semiconductor fabs and semiconductor equipment.

High-purity Gas Panels Part 3: To Abatement and Exhaust

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Mechanical engineering design for high-purity processes in semiconductor fabs: process pumps, abatement and exhaust lines.

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Capabilities of Simulation CFD

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The value of computational fluid dynamics simulation software, and how it can be useful to an engineering firm.

Engineering Consulting Firms and Hollywood Share a Common Bond

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Consulting engineers and Hollywood share a common bond in breathing new life into projects.