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Thin Films

Magnified Cell Phone Display

Semiconductor processing, CVD, PVD, Etch, RTP, thin films and capital equipment.

We have expertise in semiconductor processing, thin films, IC device teardowns, LED, OLED, solar and other high technology practices in the Silicon Valley.  Glew Engineering can help you design capital equipment with processes such as CVD, PVD, etching, CMP, RTP, and many others. Also, we work with the modules and subassemblies that make up the complex equipment. 


CFD analysis of a round tower.

Mechanical engineering, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and computer aided design.

We have the skills and the latest technology to help with the design, analysis, and debugging of your products, both old and new.  We have the latest versions of CAD and simulation packages, including Solidworks™, CREO™, Inventor™ and Fusion™,  Autodesk Simulation Mechanical™, and Autodesk Simulation CFD™.

Litigation Support

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

Litigation support, expert testimony, and consulting.

We offer consulting support and expert testimony in complex high technology litigations.  We routinely support patent litigation, trade secrets, economic espionage, large-scale disasters, and subrogation cases in venues such as District Court, ITC, PTO, and International Arbitration.  

Recent blogs.

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Glew Engineering Expert Witness Profile

Fig. 1 Litigation Support Glew Engineering Expert Witness Profile Glew Engineering is located in Silicon Valley, California Alexander Glew, Ph.D., P.E. established Glew Engineering Consulting 20 years ago. Since then, it has successfully served clients world-wide with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and materials science engineering expertise.  Dr. Glew has provided testimony multiple times for Intellectual Property (IP) litigation matters, International Trade Commission (ITC) cases, and International arbitration.  (Fig1.)  There are also several independent [...]

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Licensed Mechanical Engineers Create Animal Prosthetics

Fig. 1 Licensed Mechanical Engineers Create Animal Prosthetics Animal Prosthetics are Designed by Licensed Mechanical Engineers Animal Prosthetics are a widely varying field with many different interfaces.  Licensed Mechanical Engineers add immense insight into material selections, gearing, wear, and vibration response. An actuated prothetic (i.e., one of the springy lower leg prosthetics) needs specific licensed mechanical engineering analysis of control characteristics. Legs, beaks, fins, and tails - a sampling of the [...]

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Licensed Mechanical Engineer Models, Designs and Tests Air Purifier Technologies

Licensed Mechanical Engineers and Air Purifier Technology   Licensed Mechanical Engineers Design and Model Smoke Purification Equipment Fires across the country, including Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and especially in California consume thousands of acres of forests, homes and businesses.  With smoke-filled skies make air-purifiers a necessity.  Smoke from a wildfire can travel hundreds of miles to infiltrate homes and offices.  A licensed Mechanical Engineer ( Licensed Mechanical Engineer ) models, develops and tests smoke and particle [...]

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Licensed Mechanical Engineers Design Zoo Habitats

Licensed Mechanical Engineers Design Zoo Habitats Licensed Mechanical Engineers with Innovative Ideas Licensed Mechanical Engineers design habitats for Zoo Animals (see: Licensed Mechanical Engineers) accommodating all animals large and small.  Zoo care is a booming industry since the past decade.   Mechanical Engineers with innovative ideas can create sanctuaries for wildlife conservation.  Architects design the Facility Aesthetics of the Zoo.  Engineers keep the animals and public safe, and design technical aspects of the zoo enclosures.  Licensed [...]

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Licensed Mechanical Engineer Supports Restaurants with Ventilation Exemption Letters

Licensed Mechanical Engineer Supports Restaurants with Ventilation Exemption Letters Engaging a Licensed Mechanical Engineer Facilitates Ventilation Exemption Approvals The Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health, Consumer Protection Division, published a guideline, “Food Facility Plan Requirements”, to assist new (or remodeld) restaurant business owners meet the California Retail Food Code (CalCode).  The document facilitates obtaining a California Health and Safety Certificate; it does not discuss local planning and zoning requirements, or local fire safety [...]

  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • Leaf spring used in Mechanical Engineering Consulting Blog

Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm Solves Truck Axle Failure

Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firm Solves an Axle Failure Attorney Requested Mechanical Engineering Consulting and Litigation Support Glew Engineering provides mechanical engineering consulting to high technology and industry.  As is often the case, an attorney asked us to provide an independent 3rd party review of the cause of repeated torsion axle failures on a semi-truck trailer that his client experienced.  We obtained the failure information and photographs from the client and researched the trailer and its [...]