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Thin Films

Magnified Cell Phone Display

Semiconductor processing, CVD, PVD, Etch, RTP, thin films and capital equipment.

We have expertise in semiconductor processing, thin films, IC device teardowns, LED, OLED, solar and other high technology practices in the Silicon Valley.  Glew Engineering can help you design capital equipment with processes such as CVD, PVD, etching, CMP, RTP, and many others. Also, we work with the modules and subassemblies that make up the complex equipment. 


CFD analysis of a round tower.

Mechanical engineering, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and computer aided design.

We have the skills and the latest technology to help with the design, analysis, and debugging of your products, both old and new.  We have the latest versions of CAD and simulation packages, including Solidworks™, CREO™, Inventor™ and Fusion™,  Autodesk Simulation Mechanical™, and Autodesk Simulation CFD™.

Litigation Support

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

Litigation support, expert testimony, and consulting.

We offer consulting support and expert testimony in complex high technology litigations.  We routinely support patent litigation, trade secrets, economic espionage, large-scale disasters, and subrogation cases in venues such as District Court, ITC, PTO, and International Arbitration.  

Recent blogs.

  • Float Design Modification

Licensed Mechanical Engineer Reviews a Modified Electric Vehicle – Part 1

A Licensed Mechanical Engineer at Glew Engineering Consulting was asked by a company in Southern California to provide a Professional Engineer (P.E.) review of body modifications that they made to a theme park owned 1983 Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that they had converted to an electric vehicle. Figure 1. A Mechanical Engineer Analyzed the Front of Custom Sport Utility Vehicle  Licensed Mechanical Engineer Reviews a Modified Electric Vehicle The client [...]

  • Mechanical Engineer in Factory

Mechanical Engineers Engaged for Cause Investigation

At Glew Engineering, our highly trained staff has the know-how to assist in any type of cause investigation.

  • LCD Panel

Flat Panel and LCD Screens: Part 1

Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are omnipresent in our technologically saturated lives.  Having largely displaced the older CRT screens, LCDs make up a large portion of the digital imaging we see all around us.  They are present in everything from our ubiquitous smartphones and computer screens to digital billboards, wristwatches and vehicle and aircraft instrumentation.  How do flat panel LCD screens work? One can often find videos and articles documenting eager teardowns of new devices, but few [...]

  • Integrate circuit (IC) on fire on a circuit board.

Introduction to IC Thermal Management and Heat Transfer

IC thermal management introduction. This relates to the heat transfer problems encountered by an electrical engineer in semiconductor design.

  • Boom With Lights on Movie Set

Mechanical Engineers Support the Film Industry

The entertainment industry relies on "entertainment engineers," e.g. mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and others for standards Perhaps more importantly,  the movie industry requires Licensed Mechanical Engineers to safely innovate and amaze.  Film sets are complex physical productions, most of which are not digital special effects.  The film industry utilizes Licensed Mechanical Engineers to create complex props and various special effects that move, exploded, burn, and fly.  The mechanical engineers specializes in designing and making a [...]

  • Greyhound on Dog Ramp To Car

A Mechanical Engineer Designs Ways to Give Your Canine Friend a Lift Up: Dog Ramps

A Mechanical Engineer Designs Ways to Give Your Canine Friend a Lift Up  A Mechanical Engineer designs ways to give your "Best Friend" easy access to your vehicle and different higher surfaces. Read more to find out what kind of options are available for your dog.  A properly sized and installed dog ramp eases a dog's boarding dilemmas.  Ramps are divided into several categories: folding, telescoping, fixed, moveable and those that are stored under the [...]

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