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CFD analysis of a round tower.

Mechanical Engineering Consultants

As licensed mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering consultants, we have the skills and the latest technology to help with the design, analysis, and debugging of your products, both old and new.  We have the latest versions of CAD and simulation packages, including Solidworks™, CREO™, Inventor™ and Fusion™,  Autodesk Simulation Mechanical™, Autodesk Simulation CFD™, Mathematica™ and more.   We can work with you 3D CAD models to calculate stress and thermal profiles, safety factors or weight reduction in your new and improved product.  With these insights, we can recommend design approaches, materials selections and manufatcuring processes.

We can provided the mechanical and plumbing design (MEP) and stamp plans for both high tech factories and hazardous labs (e.g. H5 occupancy) or routine commercial buildings.  Whether you are running hazardous chemical in a semiconductor processing lab or FAB, or the county Department of Environmental health has issues with your kitchen ventilation, we have the expertise to help with the mechanical, process, and plumbing aspects of your building. 


and Thin Films

Magnified Cell Phone Display

Semiconductor processing equipment, semiconductor processing, and thin films

We have expertise in semiconductor processing and semiconductor equipment, and other capital equipment.  Whether it is plasma or thermal, high vacuum or low vacuum, we have the talent to help you with your processing equipment.   Along with the thin film processing equipment, we have expertise in developing the thin films and modifying the equipment to produce the desired thin films for use in semiconductors, LED displays, OLEDS, optics, and numerous other applications. 

We can help you design capital equipment with processes such as CVD, PVD, plasma etch, CMP, RTP, and many others.  We have multiple CAD packages, and can work with the drawings you have already generated to analyze or improve your product.  Alternatively, we can generate drawings and designs from scratch Further, we work with the specialty materials, modules and sub-assemblies that comprise capital equipment.  We have worked with thin films  materials ranging from organic low-k dielectric, diamond-like carbon, copper, and aluminum to process chamber materials such as aluminum-nitride, ceramic, quartz and elastomers.


Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

Litigation support, expert witness, and consulting.

We offer consulting support and expert witness testimony in complex high technology and engineering litigation.  We routinely support patent litigation, trade secrets, economic espionage, breach of contract, large-scale disasters, fires and explosions, as well as insurance subrogation cases.  We have testified in venues such as US Federal District Court, ITC, PTO, Foreign High Court, and International Arbitration.

We can perform the necessary technical and literature work to both support and make a case successful, and can provide many references to support this.  Our skills include the ability to tear down and document the most advanced IC and display technologies in conjunction with other labs, and to help generate the necessary claim charts.  Further, we can perform deep literature searching of primary references to augment previous searches of the patent literature, and have a large library of relevant technical texts.  Further, we consider it part of our job to reduce complex technology to understandable terms for the entire team to make everybody more productive.