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Thin Films

Tear down of a OLD Screen

Semiconductor processing, CVD, PVD, Etch, RTP, thin films and capital equipment.

We have expertise in semiconductor processing, thin films, IC device teardowns, LED, OLED, solar and other high technology practices in the Silicon Valley.  Glew Engineering can help you design capital equipment with processes such as CVD, PVD, etching, CMP, RTP, and many others. Also, we work with the modules and subassemblies that make up the complex equipment. 


Wind loads on a cylindrical tower computed by CFD.

Mechanical engineering, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and computer aided design.

We have the skills and the latest technology to help with the design, analysis, and debugging of your products, both old and new.  We have the latest versions of CAD and simulation packages, including Solidworks™, CREO™, Inventor™ and Fusion™,  Autodesk Simulation Mechanical™, and Autodesk Simulation CFD™.

Litigation Support

Litigation support, expert testimony, and consulting.

We offer consulting support and expert testimony in complex high technology litigations.  We routinely support patent litigation, trade secrets, economic espionage, large-scale disasters, and subrogation cases in venues such as District Court, ITC, PTO, and International Arbitration.  

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